About Glee Love 
I was raised with hippies and hicks in Northern California by a single mom in the '70's.  Bare feet, sap in my hair, fruit on the trees, bon fires, folk songs, ban the bomb, and the grape boycott were part of my paradigm of experience. I love watching people and see the beauty in everyone. There is hope in what I see and feel around me, even in the midst of suffering.  
My artwork has been a part of my life since I was five years old.  It is like an appendage, it is how I express my emotions and thoughts. I am raising my two boys to be aware of their senses and to find ways to express themselves, as I think of their future and the seven generations following them.  I study anthropolgy and theology, watch TED talks, dance, sing, love, laugh, and garden.  I am a deconstructionist, a positivist, and a social activist.  
My studio is open to view by appointment.