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     I have a BA in Art Studio and a BA in Anthropology from Chico State University in California.  My journey in art, however, began when I was five.  That’s when I discovered how to take apart the world around me and look at it in another way.  I grew up in the country with hippies and I felt very free to explore, look, and dream.  The visual and tactile world was full of possibilities and there was beauty all around.  What I learned in school was technique, a language. 


     I am a multimedia artist.  I let the materials speak to me.  I often begin with a large piece of brown rag paper and prepare it by ironing it flat, hanging it on the wall and feeling the space of it with my eyes closed.  I look at it and try to see what is already there on the paper waiting to come out.   I work on brown paper because I feel white has been considered clean for far too long and that bright rich colors come out when they are on a darker color.


     Once the surface is ready, I sit with the possibilities and begin a piece when I feel moved.  I grab a big black piece of charcoal and draw rich, dark, expressive lines.  I smooth the ones I see as part of a gestalt and let the others fade away or erase them partially leaving marks where they once were.   From there I add chalk pigment color only when I feel moved.  The color is a separate entity and each color has great meaning.  Figures emerge from the work and often embody a universal or amalgamation of humanity.  From there I layer and seal, add, paint, rip, glue, and draw until it is complete.  Often there are words that speak through the art.  The art is bold, socially active, and humorous.  The figures obviously have something to say. 


     I believe it is possible to express the divine through surrendering to the process of art making and to the conversation initiated by the messages conveyed.  My art is a conversation with the world.  My conversations are difficult, but hopeful, and filled with love.  

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