The Early Years‚Äč

1990 - 2005

I am a graduate from Chico State University, Calfornia, where I received a bachelor's in art studio and cultural anthropology.  The images in the body of my early works include my exploration of pop culture and performance theory in anthropology.  My influences were Basquiat, Karen Finley, Ramond Saunders, Anselm Keifer, and others.  I lived and worked in Japan after school and returned to the states to make and sell art in Sacramento, California.  Shows at Gallery 54, and the Center for Contemporary Art were successful for me.  My work became very stylized and I started working with very saturated colors.  I moved to Portland in 2005 and continue to create art.  

Chalk pastel on recycled paper bags 


Acrylics on recycled window shade and canvas 


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